Susan Seidl – MI

Memories of a Child of the Age of Radio

Barbara Parkslee – DCSO

The River

Wendy Bryant – NC

Haikus of 2020-2021

Tiffany Long – NC

Seasons Cadence

Amy Radford – PA

Unnoticed Melodies at Tinmouth Pond

Barbara Parkslee – DCSO

Growing Strong

Adrina Womack – DCSO

The Next Goodbye

Virginia McChesney – GA

Writer’s Lament

Judith Merz – NV


Ermyn Roberts – DCSO

The Price

Judith Merz – NV


Always an Adventure

Marylin Nease – TX

Cheerbook 2020

Lori Furoyama – HI

Roadkill and Lifesavers

Marylin Nease – TX

Short Stories

The Hired Hand

Jeanette Rhyan – TX

The Beauty of Nature during the Time of COVID-19

Donna Butler – AL

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